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Ted Kaczynski´s Industrial Society And Its Future

For the moment at least, we control it, not the other way around. Kaczynski therefore stands outside our traditional notion of revolutionaries. And if his ideas are worth exploring at all it is precisely because of this, it gives us the opportunity to study the case against technology – the argument that far from benefiting humankind it is destroying it. He argues for a revolution, not a political revolution, but an insurrection against technology, arguing that it is not possible to reform or modify the system to produce benign consequences.

The psychiatrist who examined Kaczynski concluded that he was competent to stand trial despite his mental illness because he clearly understood the nature and consequences of the charges and proceedings against him, and could participate in his defense. The case of Theodore Kaczynski sparked debate about the insanity plea, criminal behavior, and terrorism that appears to have a social or political agenda attached, but is actually the work and philosophy of one mentally ill person. The man speaks some truth on some of the broader aspects of his “ideology”, though he doesn’t go or seem to be interested in going, into much detail on its finer points. However, to say that his “solution” wasn’t well thought out would be a true understatement. I’m not even implying he shouldn’t have carried out his “solution” because it was evil but necessary , but to think that killing a few people he deemed as representing technological progress would reverse the onward march of technology was pure delusion.

Leftism is unlikely ever to give up technology, because technology is too valuable a source of collective power. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. Another gift someone got me, mostly to be funny, but I have this compulsive need to read any book I have so I just wanted to get it over with so I just did today. It wasn’t bad per se and I was certainly amused reading it the whole time. The computer nerd comments were pretty hilarious not going to lie and his obsession with people being allowed to spank their kids was pretty strange.

With its initial publication in 1995, the manifesto was received as intellectually deep and sane. Writers described the manifesto’s sentiment as familiar. The Washington Post published the manifesto in full within a supplement on September 19, 1995, splitting the cost with The New York Times. According to a statement, the Post had the “mechanical ability to distribute a separate section in all copies of its daily newspaper.” A Berkeley-based chess book publisher began publishing copies in paperback the next month without Kaczynski’s consent. The purpose of ScopeNI is to publish news, analysis, comment and insights into public policy and thereby to enhance civil society. So that is Kacznski’s bleak and desperate case for the opposition, a cause for which he committed murder in order to gain publicity.

The case finally broke in 1995, only when the Unabomber began to communicate with the world. That year in June, in a letter to the New York Times, he threatened further violence, but promised to stop if the Times or another major newspaper would publish his manifesto, a 35,000-word essay that decried the Industrial Revolution and modern technology. The longest and most expensive manhunt in American law enforcement history began on May 25, 1978, when a security officer at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, was injured when a suspicious parcel he opened exploded. The United States Postal Service had returned the parcel to a university professor, but the professor had never mailed it.

Scientists claim motivation from curiosity or wanting to benefit mankind. But the curiosity is about irrelevant things that no one else cares about, and science that hurts mankind is defended by saying that true science is independent of how it is used. Conservatives are fools, enthusiastically promoting progress and growth while hypocritically complaining about the resulting loss of traditional values. Low self-esteem, depressive tendencies and defeatism are not restricted to the left.While these problems are highly associated with leftism, they are becoming more and more prevalent throughout society.

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