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The Journal is interdisciplinary in scope, calling for a variety of perspectives and methods. The intersection of secular, Western intellectual property law and Islamic law is undertheorized in legal scholarship. T&E scholars are tackling inequality with greater urgency than ever before; yet basic questions remain. The best offer for gamblers ultra hot online bez rejestracji. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

Today, the journal is published by the Graduate School of Law in collaboration with the Law Faculty of the Free International University of Moldova. Focusing both on theoretical research and practical information, the journal seeks to publish valuable work that reflects the results of current research of representatives of institutions in the Republic of Moldova and other states. The journal covers the areas of international law, public law, private law, and criminal sciences. TheSMU Law Review,in turn, is published four times each year and includes articles by prominent legal scholars and practitioners dealing with significant questions of local, national, and international law. One of the main problems we’re now having in Israel is that the legislature is changing in a way that gives more weight to groups that had been more marginal.

The database offers the necessary tools for the everyday user and detailed “how-to” instructions to independently address a range of legal issues including business law, financial planning, family law, property and real estate, and rights and disputes. Proposing a special issue allows you to become the lead guest editor, and the joined guest editors can then manage the peer review process and compile accepted articles for the issue. If you would like to propose a special issue, please download the proposal form and fill in the required information. A leading peer-reviewed journal for research at the intersection of law, health policy, ethics, and medicine.

This will be Chynna’s second year working with JLS and she will be stepping up her position from Associate Editor to Lead Editor and Director of Public Relations. Outside of the classroom, she is a part of Women’s Leadership Society and Publish and Prosper, an editing network designed to assist high schoolers. She is also an avid runner and plans to take up new hobbies this semester such as piano.

A unique combination of a base in Asia and an international editorial team creates a forum for Asian and Western scholars to exchange ideas of interest to Asian scholars and professionals, those working in or on Asia, as well as all working on law and society issues globally. Cross-searches databases PAIS and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts , covering the international literature in political science and public administration/policy, along with related fields. Provides abstracts, indexing and full text coverage of journal articles, country reports, dissertations, think-tank reports, working papers, government documents and more. The GLJ is a journal of legal scholarship dedicated to analyzing the law and policy implications of gaming case law, legislation, administrative regulations, and important gaming legal events. The GLJ is comprised of second-year, third-year, and fourth-year students, who are interested in gaming law. The GLJ is the only student-run journal of legal scholarship that is dedicated to analyzing the law and policy implications of gaming case law, legislation, administrative regulations, and important gaming legal events.

With the Spring 2015 edition, the Journal welcomed Micaela Rodgers as Editor-in-Chief and Ryan Walkenhorst as Managing Editor. This issue published papers from students across the country on topics such as campaign finance, the Affordable Care Act, torture in international law, and military drones for targeted killing. Under the direction of new Editor-in-Chief Kyra Schoonover, the USC Journal of Law and Society publishes its ninth volume, containing papers written by students at four different undergraduate institutions. This issue is one of the most diverse yet, with papers covering US foreign policy, second amendment rights, the legal status of professional sports leagues, international torture law, and the intersection of technology and law in the future.

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