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Industrial Society And Its Future By Theodore John Kaczynski

I get a lot of people just want a big strong benevolent to rule and make them feel safe but power pisses on the weak. Also I feel like the majority of political systems discourage letter bombing as a marketing technique – it’s not unique to capitalism. It would be totally unfair to criticise a piece of anarcho primitivist writing by saying “I’m not reading this, this is what Ted Kaczynski believed”. Hitler didn’t kill 6 millions jews so people would read Mein Kampf. The goal is to discourage future manifesto-publishers from murdering.

It’s the same logic as “an insane person can never have a valid complaint about the asylum”, a problem which mentally ill people deal on a regular basis with when trying to affect change in their treatment. We can have a society in which people don’t need to work hard, and all our material needs are satisfied. That would be much preferable to the current one, in which much of the population lives precariously, stressfully and frustrated. You have little power over diseases without technology, not to mention that a disability may render you worthless/good as dead so you can count me out of this “back to the cave” movement. If you want to make a criticism again science and technology, please do. But I think it is inappropriate to publish or reference a terrorist’s manifesto.

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Is the act of violence so abhorrent that it discounts his politics? You know the old saying, one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter. Be careful you’re not limiting what you think and feel based on a load of capitalist marketing rules.

We aren’t the first to mention that the world today seems to be going crazy. This sort of thing is not normal for human societies.Conditions in modern society are very different from those previously experienced by mankind, and are the cause of today’s stress and frustration and resulting social and psychological problems. The leftist is anti-individualistic, pro-collectivist. Since they have no other source of power, leftists feel that it is the duty of society to suppress and punish those that are successful and to support and reward those that aren’t. Dr Kaczynski claims that any industrial society must inherently suppress human freedom and self-esteem, cannot be corrected by any means, and will continually worsen.

In 1978, a package left outside the Science and Engineering Building at the University of Illinois in Chicago was redirected to Northwestern University, where it ended up exploding and injuring a security officer. The following year, another bomb went off at Northwestern, this time at the technological institute, wounding a graduate student. Soon after, a bomb exploded in the mail compartment of an American Airlines flight, forcing an emergency landing but not hurting anyone.

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