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The job of the Court, however, is to decide cases, not to produce theory. Professor Galbraith gets around to the question of the merger of economic and political power in his last few pages. Speaking of the manner in which industrial economies tend to resemble each other, he says that the “instinct which warns of dangers in this association of economic and public power is sound. It comes close to being the subject of this book.” However, those dangers are too little analyzed. In 1996, for instance, the Office of Personnel Management created the United States Investigation Services Corporation as an employee stock-ownership plan , an entry into the quasi government category that sparked debate regarding its status and authority.

Haveman said he had no issues with relying on model bills and said even though Crown Cork & Seal is not a Michigan company, he said he saw it as a “fairness issue.” He said he was approached by a lobbyist and agreed with the bill when he saw a draft. Five insisted the bill was their own work, even though the wording of each included multiple passages that matched model legislation nearly verbatim. Almost all of the sponsors defended the practice of copying model legislation or had no opinion of it. USA TODAY interviewed more than 50 sponsors of model legislation nationwide.

The Kowloon-Canton Railway, operated under a government department, was corporatised in 1982 to imitate the success of MTR (see Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation). MTR was privatised in 2000 although the Hong Kong Government is still the majority shareholder. As of 2011, 35% of business activity and 43% of profits in the People’s Republic of China resulted from companies in which the state owned a majority interest. Critics, such as The New York Times, have alleged that China’s state-owned companies are a vehicle for corruption by the families of ruling party leaders who have sometimes amassed fortunes while managing them.

But they do not limit themselves to attacking the Court’s campaign finance jurisprudence. Most groups make a broader attack on corporations being able to assert any First Amendment speech rights at all; and some have called for disabusing all corporations or businesses of any constitutional right. An increasing share of political and policy expertise increasingly resides in the law, lobbying, and strategic advice firms of Washington, DC, where a growing number of experienced political insiders and experts are available, for a fee, to the corporations who can afford to hire them . A growing lobbying industry also siphons more and more talent from the public sector. The lobbying firms and corporate Washington offices that cluster around K Street generally provide better hours, better working conditions, and most of all, better salaries than government, especially Capitol Hill.

The point is seemingly to score political points, draw attention to the organization behind the model, and raise funds off the effort. That corporation, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a chain focused on alternative cancer treatments, wanted access to experimental drugs to boost business. The bill’s title left the public with the impression it was spurred by a groundswell of patients demanding lifesaving treatment. Conservative groups like ALEC nurture those relationships at annual conferences where lawmakers and corporate lobbyists discuss policy and mingle over meals and drinks paid for by corporate sponsors. The relationship between groups writing model legislation and the lawmakers introducing them is a marriage of convenience, experts said.

The FDIC insures deposits; examines and supervises financial institutions for safety, soundness, and consumer protection; makes large and complex financial institutions resolvable; and manages receiverships. ABLE is seeking a loan from city council to pay hotel-related bills following a tough pandemic year. The hotel operator owes money to several entities, including $60,000 to Milligan. One example prompting council members’ concerns was ABLE’s employment of Greg Milligan. City records show for years ABLE has paid Harney Partners for consulting work. Milligan is executive vice president, according to the company’s website.

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