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A court may assess indemnity against the corporation only if the court finds that the director or officer was not guilty of negligence or misconduct in the matter for which indemnity is sought. A person may hold more than one office, except that the same person may not hold the offices of president and secretary. Not later than the third day before the date of the meeting, the organizers who call the meeting shall give notice by mail of the time and place of the meeting to each director named in the certificate of formation. The governing body of the corporation’s authorizing unit may remove a director for cause or at will.

One of the officers who signs the certificate of amendment shall verify the certificate of amendment. If the corporation is authorized to be created by a county alliance, the resolution required by Subsection must be adopted by the commissioners courts of at least three-fifths of the members of the county alliance. A director’s attendance at a board meeting constitutes a waiver of notice of the meeting, unless the director attends the meeting for the express purpose of objecting to the transaction of any business at the meeting because the meeting has not been lawfully called or convened. A corporation may not indemnify a director or officer for a matter in which the director or officer is guilty of negligence or misconduct.

Pakistan has a large list of government owned companies called State owned entities . These played an important role in the development of the business and industry in Pakistan, but recently they are considered responsible for fiscal difficulties of the government due to corruption and bad governance. These SOEs, roughly 190 in number, operate in a wide range of economic areas including energy, communication, transport, shipping, trading, and banking & finance. Some of the most common examples of crown companies in Pakistan are Pakistan State Oil, Sui Norther Gas Pipelines, Pakistan International Airlines, and Pakistan Steel Mills. We believe that this arrangement, borrowed from the private corporation model, has more drawbacks than advantages and that in most cases the governing board would be better replaced by an advisory board and the corporation managed by an administrator with full executive powers. A governing board may cut or confuse the normal lines of authority from the President or departmental secretary to the corporation’s chief executive officer.

The mortgage may provide that a trustee under the mortgage or the holder of any of the bonds secured by the mortgage may purchase property at a foreclosure sale if the trustee or holder is the highest bidder. Except as otherwise provided by this subtitle, a corporation may issue bonds under this subtitle without obtaining the consent or approval of any department, division, or agency of this state, other than the attorney general under Chapter 1202, Government Code. Notwithstanding any other provision of this subtitle, a corporation may not offer to provide an economic incentive for a business enterprise whose business consists primarily of purchasing taxable items using a resale certificate and then reselling those items to a related party. For a loan made under this section, a corporation may charge and collect interest on the terms the corporation’s board of directors considers advisable and not in conflict with this subtitle. A corporation’s authorizing unit is entitled to access to the corporation’s books and records at all times. A board of directors may hold a special meeting with notice as prescribed by the corporation’s bylaws.

However, the head of each of those banks shall consult with the Secretary before taking action of the kind described in subsection or . If agreement is not reached, the Secretary may make a written report to the corporation, the President, and Congress on the reasons for the Secretary’s disagreement. An audit the Comptroller General performs under this paragraph shall be in lieu of the audit otherwise required by paragraph of this subsection. Prior to performing such audit, the Comptroller General shall consult with the Inspector General of the agency which prepared the statement.

One model pushed by ALEC and the Goldwater Institute prohibits local jurisdictions from creating occupational licensing requirements. It reflects conservatives’ and libertarians’ belief that job licensing stifles competition and hurts the economy, and should only be required when it involves health and safety. It was only the most recent example of model legislation that didn’t reflect the will of voters, USA TODAY/Arizona Republic found.

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